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Nice beaches stretch like a necklace all along the Baie des Anges (bay of Angels) from Nice Airport on the western edge to the foot of Mont Boron in the east, a distance of nearly 10km. The gentle curve of the bay tantalizes with a view as far as Villefranche-sur-Mer in the east and the Esterel mountains in the west. Moving inland, the terrain rises steadily behind the city to become the foothills of the Alps, a stunning backdrop to the azure sea. See more about visiting Nice.

Nice Pebbles

Nice beaches are composed of large pebbles called galets. For centuries, three rivers have brought these stones from the mountains to the coast. The Var river, west of the airport, is the largest, followed by the Peillon at Centenaire beach and the tiny Magnan creek at Magnan beach. Each winter storms erode the beach and each spring bulldozers with new stones arrive to reclaim it from the sea. Although it would be possible to refill the beaches with sand instead of stones, the locals won't hear of it! Galets are a part of Nice's natural heritage so the galets are here to stay.

Dealing with the galets is most difficult when you come out of the water. The beach is not level and often it's necessary to climb a little mound of galets to reach your towel. To help matters, the city has installed special ropes on four beaches: Ponchettes, Centenaire, Blue Beach and Sainte Helene. Just grab onto the rope and haul yourself out!

Bulldozer placing galets on Nice beach

[See more on dealing with Nice's galets]

Though the galets rule out long walks on the beach, there's always the Promenade des Anglais, the beachside promenade that runs 5km along the sea. From power walks to gentle strolls, whether on skates or a bike, to experience the Prom' is to understand Nice.

In these pages, you'll discover everything you need to know about Nice beaches including the best beaches, sports beaches , safety, rules, cleanliness, water temperatures, but first a great map.

Map of Nice Beaches


Public Beaches

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Castel Plage

Home of Castel private beach restaurant.


Ponchettes public beach, Nice


Opera beach, Nice

Home of Opera private beach restaurant

Beau Rivage

Beau Rivage beach, Nice

Home of Beau Rivage private beach restaurant

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Centenaire public beach, Nice

Home of Le Galet private beach restaurant


Ruhl public beach, Nice

Home of Ruhl private beach restaurant


Lido beach, Nice

Home of Bocca Mar beach restaurant


Sporting beach, Nice

Home of Le Temps d'Eté beach restaurant

Blue Beach

Blue Beach, public beach in Nice

Home of Blue beach private beach restaurant


Neptune Beach, public beach in Nice

Home of Bella Nissa beach restaurant


Forum beach, public beach in Nice

Home of Hotel Amour Plage private beach restaurant


Voilier beach, public beach in Nice

Home of La Vela beach restaurant


Florida beach


Poincare beach, Nice


Magnan public beach, Nice


Lenval public beach, Nice

Home of Cocoon private beach restaurant


Fabron public beach, Nice

Home of Les Canailles private beach restaurant

Sainte Helene

Sainte Helene public beach, Nice

Home of Regence private beach restaurant

Aubry LeComte

Aubrey LeComte public beach, Nice


Carras public beach, Nice

La Lanterne

La Lanterne public beach in Nice

Bains de la Police

Bains de la police, public beach in Nice

Bains Militaire

Bains Militaire, public beach in Nice

La Reserve

La Reserve public beach in Nice

Coco Beach

Coco public beach in Nice

Private Beach Restaurants


Castel Plage private beach restaruant


Opera private beach restaurant in Nice

Beau Rivage

Beau Rivage private beach restaurant

Le Galet

Le Galet private beach restaurant in Nice


Ruhl private beach restaurant

Le Temps d'Un Eté

Le Temps d'Un Eté beach restaurant

Bocca Mar beach restaurant

La Baieta Beach Restaurant

Blue Beach

Blue Beach private beach restaurant in Nice

N La Plage

Bella Nissa beach restaurant

Hotel Amour Plage

Amour beach restaurant

La Vela

La Vela beach restaurant


Cocoon private beach restaurant in Nice

Les Canailles

Les Canailles beach restaurant


Regence private beach restaurant in Nice

Here is a complete list of all Nice's public and private beaches:

Castel Castel
Opera Opera
Beau Rivage Beau Rivage
Centenaire Le Galet
Ruhl Ruhl
Lido La Baieta
Sporting Le Temps d'Un Eté
Blue Blue
Neptune N La Plage
Forum Hotel Amour Plage
Voilier La Vela
Lenval Cocoon
Fabron Les Canailles
Sainte-Helene Regency
Aubrey LeComte  
La Lanterne  
Bains de la Police  
Bains Militaires  
La Reserve  
Coco Beach  

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