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There are fourteen private restaurants installed on Nice beaches that are also in charge of managing the private beaches. It is truly a luxurious experience to laze on a lounge chair all day being served drinks and snacks or wandering over to the restaurant terrace to gaze over the sea while munching your salad or nibbling on a grilled fish.

Naturally the restaurants are open to all comers, not just the beach clients except on evenings when there are private parties. Whether coming for a drink or a full meal, it's essential to call ahead of time to make sure the bar-restaurant is open to the public.


Dining to the sound of waves is an expensive proposition, no doubt about it. You can pay up to €25 for a salad and fries and grilled fish runs from €30 to €50. Cheaper items include a Salad Niçoise, pizza or pasta for around €20. You can certainly picnic on the beach for less but if you head to a restaurant or cafe along the Promenade you'll only save a few euros, not more. At least tips are included!


The beach-restaurants try to have something for everybody rather than adapting a particular style. You'll always find salads, pastas and grilled fish though some restaurants will venture further afield into vaguely Asian territory. No one ever got fat eating in these beach restaurants; portions are modest.

Except for pizza. True pizza-lovers are likely to be disappointed however. Although pizza is invariably the cheapest and most filling item on the menu, the kitchens of beach restaurants are not equipped with the powerful ovens necessary to make a great or even particularly good pizza. Those with small wallets but large appetites are better off choosing a pasta dish.

Dress Code

Dining is casual whether for lunch or dinner but the look is a little smarter at dinner. Flip-flops are fine at lunch but not appropriate at dinner. Note that clients of the beach may come to lunch in their bathing suit but others must cover up.

Opening Hours

The only beach-restaurants that are open all year for lunch are Ruhl, Beau Rivage and Blue beaches. Other restaurants open for Easter or around mid-April, depending on the weather. Once open, the restaurants are open and serving daily until the season ends in September, maybe later if the weather complies. From mid-June to mid-September most, but not all, beach-restaurants are open for lunch and dinner. Otherwise, it's lunch only with drinks, salads, sandwiches and cold food available until the beach closes in the evening. Many beach-restaurants are also open for breakfast in season. It's wise to reserve for an evening meal as beach-restaurants are popular venues for private parties. Check opening hours and telephone numbers on each of these pages:

Beau Rivage
Le Galet
Bocca Mar
Le Temps d'un Eté
N La Plage
La Vela
Les Canailles

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