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Miami Beach


Miami Beach


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Located at the western end of Fabron public beach, Miami Beach is an unpretentious place that's a little less pricey than the beach-restaurants in central Nice. The decor is a simple but attractive sea-blue and white. Lounge chairs are comfortable but without mattresses.

The menu sticks to basics but had some adventurous flourishes such as the Asian-inspired tataki de thon (€24). As Miami beach is out of the center, it is less frequented and has changed hands several times over the last few years in an attempt to remain viable. See my review.   More about private beaches and beach-restaurants.


The Radisson Blu is a short walk west and has a lovely rooftop terrace with a swimming pool.Quality Suites is an excellent budget choice also nearby.


The beach is easy to access as it's right next to the Fabron/Musée des Arts Naifs bus stop (see access information for Fabron beach).

Miami Beach Information

Telephone: 09 51 95 53 57
Address: 197 Promenade des Anglais
Facebook page : Miami Beach
Beach Opening Hours: 9am-6pm
Beach Prices: €16 lounge chair and umbrella; €5 towel
Restaurant Style: Friendly, casual
Restaurant Opening Hours: 9am-6pm daily with breakfast (€9) until 11.30am, a full lunch from noon to 4pm, snack menu until 6pm. Open for dinner July-August
Restaurant Prices: Pasta €14, Salad Nicoise €13, pizza €11.50

Menu Sample

Miami Beach menu


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Our first venture onto Miami Beach after the change in ownership was a pleasant surprise. The daily special was grilled fish with tarragon sauce on a bed of ratatouille. The grilled fish fillets were salmon and daurade. As they were well seasoned but slightly dry, the generous dollop of tarragon sauce was a welcome addition. The ratatouille was baked sweet peppers, eggplant, onion and a dash of garlic and it was excellent. With generous portions at a price of €14, I considered it good value for money. We finished off with fruit sorbets (mango and melon) that were intensely flavoured and refreshing. Accompanied by a glass of wine, the meal was a most reasonable €21.50. We also appreciated the giant umbrella overhead that easily kept us in the comfortable shade. Jeanne July 17, 2012

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