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Best Beaches in Nice


Opera Plage
Opera Plage

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Beau Rivage Plage
Beau Rivage: trendy


Castel Plage
Castel Plage: sedate

Forum beach
Forum beach for a picnic








With 25 public beaches and 15 private, there's no excuse if you can't find the beach of your dreams! The private beaches have restaurants of varying menus, prices and clientele: some cater to families, some to a more sedate crowd; some beaches have music and nightlife, others close at sunset; some have adventurous menus, others stick to the basics.

Even the public beaches vary. Some are more comfortable; some are quieter, others are sportier; some have better parking; some are more crowded than others. Take a look below at my picks and then follow the links for more detailed information.

Best Private Beaches

Overall Quality

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Several Nice beaches have been awarded the special Qualité Tourisme label by the local Chamber of Commerce. Among the factors considered are the friendliness of staff, condition of facilities, quality of food and drink, cleanliness, comfort and overall competence of the staff. Three beaches in Nice carry this nationally recognized badge of quality: Blue Beach, Ruhl Plage and Beau Rivage.

Cheapest Beaches

Opera Plage
The price of €15 for a chair and umbrella is the cheapest in Nice. You can't beat it and the food is also relatively inexpensive with pastas starting at €14.

You might also consider. . .Florida Beach which offers a lounge chair for €15 and an umbrella for €5, Bambou Plage which proposes a lounge chair without a mattress for €12 and an umbrella for €5.

Best Beach Restaurant

Beau Rivage
This is the only beach-restaurant that is even within shouting distance of Nice's best restaurants. There are very reasonable prix-fixe menus for €19 and €29 plus a Sunday brunch for €25.

Best Beaches for Nightlife

Florida Plage
Summer weekends are when you're most likely to find a special DJ or theme party here.

Voilier Plage
On Wednesday there's an "After Beach" party with a DJ from 7pm to midnight. Admission is the price of a drink.

Best Beaches for Families

Ruhl Plage
You can't top a children's pool, carefully monitored by a lifeguard so the parental unit can completely relax. Ruhl Plage also has a special admission for kids and a kids menu.

You might also consider. . . Neptune Plage which has a well-outfitted play area for kids, and Hi Beach which has a special family area also with toys to keep toddlers amused.

Most Sedate Beach

Castel Plage
This venerable establishment is at the end of the Promenade, tucked under the Chateau. No traffic noise enters the beach area and the music is always low-key. The clientele is largely drawn from the nearby La Perouse hotel.

Public Beaches

Most Comfortable Beaches

Florida and Voilier beaches in the center of the baie des anges have wide areas of gravel interspersed with small stones including so much gravel at the water line that rubber shoes are unnecessary. The wide beaches slope gently down to the water, making access easy.

Best Beach for a Picnic

Forum beach on the western edge bordering Voilier is great for a picnic because there are public facilities right at the entrance for a shower, toilet and cold drinks. Pick up picnic supplies at the Spar supermarket on ave de la Californie behind the stately CUM building.

Best Beach for a Swim between Flights

Fabron is the public beach closest to the airport that has public facilities where you can change and take a hot shower. The public facilities are at the eastern end bordering Lenval, so take the airport bus to the stop Lenval/Promenade.

Beach with the Best View

Coco beach in the far east gives you a sweeping view of the Nice coastline.

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